Government Contracting 101

How Can Small Businesses Win at Federal Contracting?

For long-term success at federal contracting, small businesses must get smarter about which opportunities are right for them. Most contracts are transactions with short life cycles, and 40 percent of total contracting happens in the fourth quarter. In fact, the end of the year is often referred to as the fourth quarter spending spree, since these dollars are often under a “use-it-or-lose-it" deadline. Also small businesses typically do not have the resources for bidding as this can be a very lengthy process over and over again, whereas getting a contracting vehicle in place such as a GSA Schedule Contract drastically reduces time spent and is considered a preferred method of spending from most agencies.


Thankfully, a positive relationship may be the start of a strong contracting opportunity in any market sector. Having a consultant represent you assists in these relationships and typically allows you to establish relationships as you are considered a “Prime” Vendor and access to buyers is allowed. In many cases on the “open bid” market buyers do not wish you contact them at all as they simply do not have the time to accept email or calls from the large number of businesses in the bid forum. This will become more evident as Trump cuts staff, the “open bid” market will become more painful than ever for businesses trying to enter into the Government Sector.

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