What is a GSA Contract?

Also referred to as FSS, GSA Schedule Contract:

GSA Contracts are indefinite quantity indefinite delivery Government Wide contracts designed to make purchasing easier for Government Agencies:

  • Governmentwide – Can be used across agencies.  GSA Schedule Contracts can be used by any federal agency
  • Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity – Open ended, No set amount.  While the term of the contract is fixed, the deliverables are not.  During the term of a GSA Schedule Contract, any federal customer can order an unlimited amount of products or services. Many GSA Schedules can be used by State and Local Agencies as well.
  • 5 Year Contract terms – GSA Schedule Contracts are issued in 5 year increments.  Initially awarded for 5 years and then renewable for 3 consecutive 5 year terms.

Why would I want to do business with the Government?

The US Government is operated as a business, they purchase goods and services on a daily basis to run the country.  The value of having government contracts is that the Government Continues to spend money and they actually must spend every dollar in their budget ot they lose it for the following fiscal year.  Over the years we have had many clients that in fact were struggling until we introduced them to the world of consistency, Government Purchases to their business.

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