Do you meet the stringent compliance's required to take on Government Contracts?  We can help you become a Government Contractor and recognized in your industry.  We start by doing a comprehensive analysis of your company to ensure your success.

Government Contracting

Diversification for your Business Cycle, Commercial and Government markets are both cyclical, however, both independent of each other.  Many companies thrive during economic downturns due to Government Business.


The majority of clients we consult with have tried to dabble in Government Contracts and in fact realize the value but they have found it to be very arduous therefore in most cases have given up.  We offer a full integration and modeling for your firm from start to finish.  Stop wasting precious time and money on uncharted territories.  We are the industry experts!


At MCI North America Asset Management, we offer full service business development consultation and integration services.  We start by looking at your business as a whole and make recommendations based on your current contract portfolio.  We now want to integrate new innovation and add to your bottom line.  If you currently are doing Government Contracting we want to assess that to add value.  If you are not then we want to allow you to understand how valuable taking on Government Contracts can and will be.  We offer companies the ability to understand more clearly Government Contracting through various methods:

  • GSA Schedules
  • 8a Certifications
  • Woman Owned Certification
  • Minority Owned Certification
  • Veteran Owned Certification

We have the contracting vehicle for your company we now just need to integrate it so you can properly utilize and profit from it.


Next Steps...

You have to want to grow your business in order for us to be sucessful. Allow us the opportunity to assess your business plan and integrate ours!